If you recently completed Sitecore training and need access to the system, please use the CMS Admin Tool to request permission from your website administrator.

We have implemented subscription-based mailing lists for you to receive news and alerts regarding the Sitecore CMS. You must subscribe to the lists to receive email from us; we will no longer send unsolicited email to you.

Please call the help desk at 780-492-9400 if:

  • your website is completely offline;
  • Sitecore displays an error message on your website;
  • the features you enabled on your website are not functioning properly; or
  • the Sitecore user interface consistently malfunctions while performing content editing tasks.

For step-by-step instructions on how to perform various tasks in Sitecore, please review the Sitecore documentation.

For information about the guidelines used to create the layouts, styles, elements and components used in Sitecore, please consult the university's web style guide.

Framework Version 3  |  Sitecore Version 8.1.160302  |  License ID: 20141229093001