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Science Internship Program allows students to integrate work experience for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months into their degree.


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A University degree is a vital step leading to many opportunities for a rewarding career. In addition to expanding your knowledge, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree develops critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, independent judgement, and versatility. Science graduates possess many talents and expertise that employers are looking for!

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Why Internships?


Market yourself
Build competencies and learn to market yourself to employers


Establish a valuable network of contacts and references


Explore a Career Path
Getting a better idea about possible career paths, tasks and industry


Develop and Refine Skills
Acquiring technical and professional skills in a non-academic environment


Build Career Foundation
Boost your chances of landing a great job after graduation


Apply your Knowledge
Apply classroom knowledge to hands-on, real-life situations


Gain Valuable Work Experience
Gaining work experience which will strengthen your resume


Receive Financial Compensation
Earn money while you hone your skills, clarify your interests and goals


Get Expose to Business Environment
Learn more about communication in a professional environment, a team and build work relationships