Graduate Programs - Masters Degrees and PhDs in Science

Graduate programs, degrees, and funding

Our graduate science programs offer students the opportunity to study with some of the world's best research scientists. Explore the diverse graduate programs and research opportunities available through each of our departments below.



Degree/Program Offerings


Biological Sciences

MSc, PhD Ecology
MSc, PhD Microbiology & Biotechnology
MSc, PhD Molecular Biology & Genetics
MSc, PhD Plant Biology
MSc, PhD Physiology, Development & Cell Biology
MSc, PhD Systematics & Evolution


MSc, PhD

 (various research areas)

Computing Science

MSc Internetworking (MINT)
MSc, PhD Statistical Machine Learning
MSc Multimedia
MSc, PhD General (various research areas)

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

PhD General (various research areas)
PhD Urban and Regional Planning
PhD Human Geography
MSc General (various research areas)
MSc Urban and Regional Planning
MSc Integrated Petroleum Geosciences (IPG)
MA Human Geography

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

MSc Biostatistics
MSc, PhD Mathematics
MSc, PhD Applied Math
MSc, PhD Mathematical Finance
MSc, PhD Mathematical Physics
MSc, PhD Statistics
MSc, PhD Statistical Machine Learning
Embedded Certificate Data Science


MSc, PhD General (various research areas)
MSc, PhD Geophysics


MSc, MA, PhD Behaviour, Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience
MSc, MA, PhD Cognition
MSc, MA, PhD Comparative Cognition and Behaviour
MSc, MA, PhD Developmental Science
MSc, MA, PhD Social and Cultural Psychology

Centres & Institutes

Integrated Graduate Training Programs (NSERC CREATE)

Specialized Graduate Degree Programs