Pre-Professional Study

Direct Entry

Most of our Science degrees are direct entry, meaning that you may enter directly from high school.

There are a few programs however, that require 1 or 2 years or pre-professional study prior to admission. Be sure to check the admission requirements to ensure that you meet the criteria for the program you have applied to. 

Science Degrees that are non direct entry:


General - Business Minor



Computing Science - Business Minor         

Mathematics and Finance              


Environmental Earth Sciences

Honors Psychology 


Pre-professional study

The Faculty of Science can also serve as an excellent foundation for programs offered in the Faculties of Medicine & Dentistry, Pharmacy, Education, Business and Law, as well as numerous graduate degree programs.

Be sure to visit each program website to view the admission course requirements and criteria. You can complete the admission requirements for these programs while completing your Science degree. 




Dental Hygiene  

Medical Laboratory Science         

Physical Therapy 



 Radiation Therapy

Graduate Studies        

Occupational Therapy