Transfer to Bachelor of Science (BSc) General program


The Bachelor of Science (BSc) General program is quite flexible so you have a lot of choice in terms of course selection.

Review the BSc General Advising sheet to determine what courses are required in your program. This information is also available in the University Calendar.

Where to start:

Your degree will consist of courses that satisfy the Junior Core requirements, Arts Options, Major, Minor and Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements.

Your admission letter should indicate if there are specific courses we need you to take right away. If you have not completed all the courses needed to meet the junior core requirements, then it may be a good idea to start there.

If you have already completed this, go ahead and select courses that meet your major, minor or option requirements.

Make sure you have completed the necessary prerequisites for any courses you plan to take. You will not receive credit for a course you take if you did not have the prerequisites already completed.

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