Step 3: Register in your Courses

Register in your courses on Bear Tracks and create a timetable

  • Once you have chosen your courses, select the “Search for Classes” link in Bear Tracks to see when each class is offered. Use this to put together your weekly schedule.
  • Use the online timetable planner or the "Schedule Builder" tool in Bear Tracks to make this easier. Special Note: The Schedule Builder is a tool used to create a visual of your timetable. Once you create a timetable using Schedule Builder, you must remember to actually "ENROLL" in your courses.
  • If you do not wish to use the Schedule Builder, simply use the “Add” and “Drop” functions to build your timetable.
  • Go ahead and register for your classes and remember to print your timetable to ensure it looks the way you want.


Using BearTracks


Additional Assistance

  • The Faculty of Science is also available by email if you need assistance with course registration.
  • *Please remember the Recruitment Team cannot accommodate drop-in advising.