Artificial Intelligence at UAlberta

The University of Alberta is one of the top artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) research universities in the world
The Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta is home to some of the top artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) research in the world. Find out more about the fascinating field of AI, and the effect it is having on our world and our future.

Artificial Intelligence: What is it?

Artificial intelligence is a broad term used to describe a field of study in computing science where intelligence is demonstrated by non-sentient machines or computers. Typically this kind of intelligence is created through processes like machine learning, which uses models, algorithms, and various other forms of programming to allow machines and computers to mimic cognitive functions like learning or problem solving. Such tools, programs, and interfaces are some of the essential tools at the disposal of computing scientists to solve some of today’s most complex problems.

UAlberta and DeepMind

University of Alberta computing science professors and artificial intelligence researchers Richard Sutton, Michael Bowling, and Patrick Pilarski will work with Google's DeepMind at that company's first research office outside the UK, which is being located in Edmonton, Alberta in collaboration with the U of A.

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There's nothing artificial about our intelligence

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Featured AI Video

Richard Sutton, UAlberta professor and the head of DeepMind Alberta, gives a video lecture on temporal-difference learning. 

Two undergraduate students review interactive scans of the human brain.

The Canadian government announced a $125 million pan-Canadian AI Strategy in 2017.


Pan-Canadian AI Strategy Funding

The Government of Canada announced funding for a pan-Canadian AI Strategy to enhance research and recruit talent.

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