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Registration and Degree Programs

  • Can I take a course without the pre-requisite?
    Pre-requisites are strongly enforced in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. In the event you believe you have covered the pre-requisite material in another course, please submit a detailed course outline along with an explanation to the Student Services Office. We will review your request and determine if it is possible to waive the pre-requisite based on your academic background.
  • Can I take courses at another institution while at the U of A?
    In some cases it is possible but you must get a letter of permission from your advisor beforehand. Please make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your options.
  • Do Spring/Summer grades count towards my GPA?
    Please set up a meeting with your advisor to discuss the details specific to your situation.
  • How can I withdraw from a course?
    - If you would like to withdraw from a course, you can do so by visiting your HOME Faculty – students in the Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation should visit the Student Services Office to fill out the required paperwork.
    - Once you withdraw, you will receive a grade of “W” (withdrawn) on your transcript. Depending on the date of withdrawal, you may receive a 50% fee refund. Please check the Registrar’s Office website for more registration dates and deadlines.
  • I am in the BKin/BEd program. How do I transfer to the Faculty of Education?
    All qualified third year BKin/BEd students will be automatically promoted to Year 4 in the Faculty of Education provided that:
    1. A minimum AGPA of 2.0 has been achieved.
    2. A minimum of *81 applicable credits to the BKin/BEd program have been successfully completed by the end of Winter term.
    3. Once you receive your admission letter from the Faculty of Education you will need to change your program code on Bear Tracks for Fall and Winter in the following year.
  • I tried to register in a course and Bear Tracks says there are restrictions. What should I do?
    Carefully read the restriction note on Bear Tracks – do you meet any necessary pre-requisites? Is the course restricted to students in specific programs? If you believe you meet the pre-requisites and should have access to register, please contact our office.
  • I tried to register in a course and it is full. What should I do?
    Add the course to your Watch List on Bear Tracks. You will be notified via email or text message if a space becomes available. Once this happens you should attempt to register as soon as possible.


  • Which practicum section do I register in?
    Check with the practicum coordinator if you are unsure of which section to register in.
  • How do I get a practicum placement?
    -  Students should start to plan their practicum at least one (1) term before they plan to start their placement. Keep an eye out for emails sent out from Student Services for more information.
    -  If you are planning to set up your own placement, please contact the practicum coordinator for more details.
  • Can I take a course at the same time as my practicum?
    This is only permitted under very special circumstances. Students should plan to complete their practicum without taking any courses at the same time. If a student has special circumstances and would like to request taking a course at the same time, they will need to seek permission from the practicum coordinator BEFORE the placement process begins.


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