Undergraduate Programs

Rosie Kilgannon

Rosie Kilgannon – 4th yr BARST

I completed by practicum at the Elk Island National Park, Parks Canada Agency.

The practicum program in the Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism (BARST) serves as a bridge between academic and professional life. The knowledge gained throughout the degree is vitally important and often fascinating but one can still feel uncertain when faced with the job market as to which organization would serve as a good match. The entire practicum process from interviews to final evaluation provides good practice for future career prospects… and sometimes the organization will even provide you with gainful employment once you graduate!

If you are in the BARST program, great! If not, this program is a hidden gem at the University of Alberta! The degree offers so much flexibility to cater to your interests and the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation has many outstanding, engaging and supportive professors. What other degree teaches you how to help others find meaning in their lives, build community, rediscover nature, explore tourism and create more happiness in the world?
Regardless of the degree program, I believe that post-secondary education should not be obtained primarily as job-training but rather as a medium to gain a broader and deeper understanding of the world in which we live and to foster intrinsic curiosity. Meet each new challenge by fully engaging in your work and the outcome will be richer as a result. Seek out every opportunity and through this initiative you will have the privilege of meeting countless supportive and amazing people and will engage in life-changing experiences you never knew existed.