Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Aboriginal Sport and Recreation

The Certificate in Aboriginal Sport and Recreation is jointly administered by the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation and the Faculty of Native Studies and is open to students enrolled in degree programs in the Faculties of Native Studies and Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.

This certificate will produce the next generation of leaders in Aboriginal sport and recreation by providing students with a flexible and innovative environment that emphasizes academic excellence and experiential learning. To achieve this goal, the proposed curriculum positions sport and recreation as instruments for improving community health. This is accomplished by combining the expertise of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation in the realms of sport, recreation and physical activity with the Faculty of Native Studies' expertise in Aboriginal culture and community.

Students wanting to pursue the Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Certificate can apply either through the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation or the Faculty of Native Studies early in their degree programs to ensure that they have access to the required courses.

Course Requirements

Students may pursue this certificate in Aboriginal Sport and Recreation while fulfilling existing requirements for their degree program by taking the designated courses for a minimum of ★15. The course requirements are as follows:  

★12 Core:

  • NS 110 - Historical Perspectives in Native Studies
  • NS 111 - Contemporary Perspectives in Native Studies
  • PERLS 105 - Introduction to the Management of Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Programs
  • PERLS 323 - Aboriginal Peoples and Physical Practices: Canadian Perspectives

★3 Options:

For students from the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, ★3 chosen from:

  • NS 290 - Introduction to Research and Inquiry
  • NS 300 - Traditional Cultural Foundations I
  • NS 345 - Management Issues in Native Communities
  • NS 361 - Challenging Racism and Stereotypes
  • NS 362 - Aboriginal Women
  • NS 376 - Native Demography and Disease
  • NS 380 - Selected Topics in Native Studies
  • NS 390 - Research Methods in Native Studies
  • NS 430 - Aboriginal Governance and Partnership Capstone
  • NS 476 - Perspectives on Aboriginal Health and Well-Being
  • NS 485 - Urban Aboriginal Issues and Identities

For students from the Faculty of Native Studies, ★3 chosen from:

  • HE ED 110 - Introduction to Personal Health and Well-Being
  • KIN 245 - Introduction to the Profession of Coaching
  • PERLS 104 - Introduction to Sociology of Sport and Leisure in Canadian Society
  • PERLS 204 - Canadian History of Leisure, Sport, and Health
  • PERLS 304 - Advanced Sociology of Sport and Leisure
  • PERLS 440 - Play Around the World Program Preparation
  • PERLS 441 - Play Around the World - Field Placement
  • RLS 100 - Life, Leisure, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • RLS 122 - Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Organizations
  • RLS 130 - Collaborative Skills and Processes for Community Recreation and Leisure or RLS 230
  • RLS 225 - Program Planning for Leisure

Additional Information

To qualify for the certificate a student must satisfy all program requirements for their degree and demonstrate satisfactory academic performance by achieving a pass on all courses in the certificate program. This is an embedded certificate; the certificate will only be awarded when the degree is awarded.