Is Play Around the World right for you?

Play Around the World is a challenging, but rewarding placement. Are you willing to have your perspectives and ideas challenged? Do you have a background in play and recreation? Are you interested in learning from other cultures and do you bring your best self to engage in group learning? Then you should consider applying for PAW. We welcome you to come to our open house, or contact the Program Director to inquire further.
  • Academic Requirements
    • Registering for PAW - academic considerations for students (PDF)
    • Students must register for the two Play Around the World courses (PERLS 440 and PERLS 441), or as a practicum through the practicum advisor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation 
    • Participant and team leader weekly meeting (arranged at a time that works for all). 
    • We recommend that students enroll in the Play Leadership course (PERLS 421) offered each winter term.
    • In addition to attending classes January – April, students are required to make a presentation, engage in journaling, reflection papers, playdays, and complete a major project. All course work is to be completed by the end of September, the following term.
    • A grade point average of 2.3 or higher for the last 12 months of academic study.
  • Commitment/Time Investment
    • PAW requires a significant investment of time during the winter academic term as students are involved in fund raising, equipment drives and team building activities in addition to their course-work.
    • As an academic offering, there is a weekly meeting (scheduled at a time convenient for all participants and leaders). 
    • Travel typically takes place in May, and students return in August. The total length of the placement is three months. 
    • Leaders (students from the previous PAW team) are recruited to help with the selection and preparation of teams. In addition, leaders travel with the team and provide an orientation to the community, the projects, hospitals etc. for the first month of the program.
  • Cost
    Approximately $5,500 per student. The cost includes flight, accommodation, and a per diem to offset costs of meals and daily transportation. 

    The PAW program team actively raises funds to offset as much of the cost as possible (in the past we have been able to offset 95 – 100 per cent) In the event that the total amount is not raised, the per diem amounts will be reduced and will be the responsibility of the student. 

    Passports, immunizations and tuition are additional costs that are not reimbursed through fund raising. Typically students bring an additional $1,000 to engage in activities during their leisure time (cultural sites, treks, shopping, etc.).

  • Immunizations and Health
    • After committing to the project contact AHS Capital Health Travel Health Services (780-735-0100),
    • AHS Travel Health Services’ knowledgeable and helpful staff will provide reliable, up-to-date information about health risks according to country or region, required and recommended vaccines, and information about preventing travel-related illnesses international health. 
    • Staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, they will inform you which immunizations are compulsory for entry to Thailand and Cambodia, and which are optional
    • PAW will facilitate a health information session for leaders and participants with Traveller's Health
    • Be aware that it may take 6 – 8 weeks to get all the immunizations you need. Book your first appointment in March
  • Passports
    Students are responsible for obtaining passports and visas for their travel. Passport applications are available from the post office or any travel agent.
    You will need passport photos (we advise 4 copies) two for the passport and one for your visa).
    If you have a valid passport that expires later this year, check with the passport office. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after your expected return.

    Cost - $120

    Up-to-date information about passports from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada 

  • Visas
    • Apply one month before departure. (PAW will assist in facilitating this process)
    • Takes approximately a week once the forms and pictures are received

    • Cambodian visas are obtained at the airport upon arrival in the country.
    • Cost $30 for 30 days and will be covered by PAW.


    • Visa's for Peru are obtained at the airport on arrival in the country.
    • Cost of the visa will be covered by PAW.

    NorthWest Terriorties

    • No passport or visa is required for Fort Providence, NWT
  • Where will you work?
    PAW teams have worked in orphanages, with street kids projects, at hilltribe centres and schools for children experiencing disabilities.
    PAW leaders (typically past PAW team participants) facilitate an orientation to ensure PAW participants are familiar with their setting, ensure familiarization with the various centres and after a needs assessment, the group will plan and deliver activities in play, recreation, sport, dance etc. 

    This could entail activities such as:

    • teaching a physical education class at a street kids' project,
    • leading play activities for classroom teachers, doing crafts and games with children at an orphanage, or
    • facilitating a special event or sport-focused initiative