Study Abroad

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Established in 1870, the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS) is a public university located in Oslo, Norway. The NSSS faculty has a broad international network of research collaborators as well as more than 1600 students. NSSS offers a very unique learning opportunity for exchange students through a beautifully scenic campus, world-class facilities, rich campus culture, a variety of English-led classes, and diverse student activity groups all of which are available to exchange students.

You will be living in a city that has all the benefits of a capital, while never being more than a 20-minutes bus ride from the sea or the forest. The location, facilities and resources are ideal for studies, physical activity and recreation.

Application and Deadlines

  • Applicable Courses
    The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences offers a number undergraduate courses in Sport Management, Sport Biology, Health and Psychology, and Outdoor Studies. Students would benefit from a series of theoretical and practical activities at Europe’s premier institution in Sport Sciences.

    NSSS courses are weighted by ECTS credits (2 ECTS credits = 1 UAlberta credit).

    A full course load at NSSS usually consists of 3 classes (30 ECTS Credits)

    For a full course list, click here

    Sport Management (30 ECTS)
    Outdoor Studies - Friluftslive (30 ECTS)
    Sport Biology, Health and Psychology (30 ECTS)
    UTV Essay - individual study (10 ECTS)

    Terms: Options include one or two semester(s) in a given academic year (approximate dates below)
    Term 1 (Autumn):  2nd week of August — immediately before Christmas
    Term 2 (Spring): 1st week of January — 2nd week of June
  • Eligibility

    - Applicants must be registered as a full-time University of Alberta student in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sports, and Recreation.

    - Applications may be submitted during the first year, but students will not be allowed to depart on exchange until at least 12 credits have been completed by the KSR exchange application deadline. (March of each year)

    - Candidates should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and a GPA of 2.7 in your most recently completed term at University of Alberta.

    - Students in the practicum program are eligible to also participate on an exchange that is modified to be an international practicum placement. These must be coordinated at least 1 - 1.5 years in advance, as the paperwork for international practicums will be more complicated. Please talk to your practicum advisor (Stacey Laing) for your information.

  • Estimated Cost of Living

    University of Alberta tuition and fees for a single exchange term will be based on a standard 15-credit semester for undergraduate students. This will not change regardless of the number of courses taken at the host institution or the number of credits transferred back to the UofA after an exchange. Please calculate tuition at the UofA on a 15-credit per term basis.

    This applies to Fall and/or Winter term exchanges only. Costs for summer programs will vary. Please consult the coordinator for further information for summer exchanges.

    Estimated additional costs for one semester:

    Accommodation - Norwegian Student Housing  $2,180 - $2,500
    Food  $1,750 - $2,180
    Airfare  $1,000 - $2,000
    Books and Supplies  $700
    Public Transportation  $300
    Total without tuition  $5,930 - $7,680

    Funding:University of Alberta International offers an Education Abroad Individual Award to all eligible students participating in a study abroad program that lasts 3 weeks or longer. The award ranges from $750-$3,750 depending on the duration of your program. Please consult the Education Abroad website for more information regarding your eligibility and the application process.

    *In past years UAI has opened up a second deadline. Please check back on their website for more information.
    Visa: You will need a study permit for the duration of your stay in Norway. Visa requirements can be found here.

    Housing: We recommend that you apply for student housing immediately after your exchange nomination. Deadlines for application are:

    Autumn term: May 15
    Spring term: October 15