Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate

Indigenous Sport and Recreation Certificate

Michael Swampy, a UAlberta education student, believes the Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate will be an asset for recreation professionals

The Graduate Certificate is offered in partnership between the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation and the Faculty of Native Studies. The focus of the Graduate Certificate is the health and well-being of Indigenous people through sport and recreation. This graduate certificate will establish a deep understanding of the cultural context of Indigenous communities, and support those who work with Indigenous peoples in rural and urban areas.

The graduate certificate is designed for working professionals who want to further their knowledge in the areas of Indigenous studies sport and recreation. The graduate certificate is delivered using a combination of online, distance instruction, and a one week, face-to-face learning experience that also includes attending the annual Alberta Parks and Recreation Association Conference. This enables students to complete most of the graduate certificate with minimal travel and disruption to work and family and provides an opportunity to meet and learn with other students in the cohort and learn and network at the conference.

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