Graduate Programs and Admissions

General Information

Registration & Fees

Please refer to the FGSR website for information pertaining to fee information. 

Academic Integrity and Ethics Requirement

Ethics is important throughout the graduate programs. Graduate students are required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) to fulfill at least eight hours of structured academic activity in academic integrity and ethics education prior to convocation. Please see the FGSR website for further information.

Students can select from a number of options to fulfill the ethics requirement. Students will record, on the Ethics Training form, their chosen ethics education options and will submit the completed form to the Graduate Studies Office. A notation is made on the student’s transcript indicating that the mandatory ethics education has been completed. 

Appeals Policy

Please refer to the University of Alberta Calendar for information pertaining to the Appeals Policy.

Faculty Expertise

In choosing a graduate program, it is important to examine not only the "program" itself but the qualifications of Faculty members. Considerations may include the range and types of research, scholarly endeavours, a faculty member's skills as a practitioner, researcher and teacher.  Applicants interested in identifying faculty expertise can get more information on the Nursing Research area of this website under Research Areas of Excellence, or from individual faculty members' pages.

Library Privileges

The requirement for continuing library privileges as well as other privileges like Campus Computing IDs (‘CCIDs’ which allow off-campus access to our library resources) is that the students register in either course work or "Maintaining Registration (M REG 800)" and pay the associated fees.

If students opt not to register in M REG 800, they have the following options for maintaining library borrowing privileges:

  1. If they are employed with Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Government, MacEwan University, Red Deer College, Grande Prairie Regional College or any other institution whose library is a member of NEOS (see for a complete list), they can use a NEOS Library card that they can obtain from their institutional library.  This is free.  There is no limit on the number or type or items that can be borrowed. 
  2. If they have a library card from almost any Alberta public, college or university library, they can obtain a TAL (The Alberta Library) card at their home library. This is free. There is a limit of five items that can be borrowed at a time, and only books can be borrowed, no journals or AV material can be borrowed.
  3. If they obtained a previous degree from the University of Alberta and are therefore alumni, they can obtain an Alumni card from the ONECard Office.  Cost:  $10 per 4-month period or $30 per year with one-time $15 start-up charge.  There is no limit to the number or type of items that can be borrowed at one time.
  4. If none of the above situations apply, they can obtain an External Borrower's card at a cost of $25 per 4-month period. There is a limit of 10 items that can be borrowed at one time.

All the above cards provide borrowing privileges for two week loans.  They do not provide off-campus access to our electronic resources.  When the CCIDs are de-activated, students can make use of U of A licensed online resources from library terminals using a guest ID that they can obtain from our Circulation Desk upon presentation of photo ID that includes a current address.  Guest IDs expire at midnight on the day they were issued. 

For further information about the "Maintaining Registration (M Reg 800)" status, please see section 6.16 of the Graduate Program Manual.

University Teaching Services

Students interested in teaching should investigate the University of Alberta's Centre for Teaching and Learning.  This is a University wide initiative to assist in developing an ethical, philosophic and practical basis for a career in postsecondary teaching.