Teaching and Learning Office

The Teaching and Learning Office (TLO) is a group of dedicated educational professionals with specialized skills who support teaching and learning in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the Faculty of Nursing. 

The Teaching and Learning Office provides exemplary support and resources to faculty, staff and students. Our team’s specialized knowledge and experience with Faculty of Nursing policies, processes, curriculum and guiding principles allow TLO to provide faculty, staff, and students with personalized support in teaching and learning.

We create digital resources, offer group and one on one sessions on teaching technologies and assessment strategies, and work with faculty to translate their innovative ideas into practice. We enable the use of learning technologies in classrooms and in support of teaching and learning. We also manage course administration processes that are required by the Faculty of Nursing and investigate ways to streamline them to minimize the workload of faculty and staff. 

By working closely with Faculty, we help to create an engaging and consistent experience for students.