President's Visiting Committee

The President’s Visiting Committee (PVC) came to visit the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry May 25 – 27th, 2016. The PVC is an external advisory group that reviewed and evaluated the faculty particularly on the research endeavors. They provided their initial findings verbally to President Turpin and Provost and Vice President (Academic) Dew on May 27th and delivered a more detailed report of their findings and recommendations  to President Turpin and Dean Fedorak  in June 2016. Their recommendations will be presented to the President's Executive Committee - Strategic on Oct 20, 2016, the Academic Planning Committee on Oct 26, the Board Learning and Discovery Committee on Nov 25 2016 and to the Board of Governors at their Dec 16 2016 meeting.  

The team will remain engaged and will have an ongoing relationship with the FoMD for guidance and advice. This committee is advisory to the president, provost and senior academic administration and provides the dean of the FoMD with insightful perspectives on the research activities of the faculty, empowering him to ensure continued success of the FoMD research enterprises.

A PVC review differs in a number of ways from the more familiar unit reviews and accreditation processes. These differences include:

  • A strong focus on the research accomplishments of a faculty, graduate students and community engagement.
  • Guidance on the faculty’s strategic plan and short-, medium- and long-term strategic priorities.
  • As members of the PVC will participate in successive reviews, a mentoring relationship between the PVC and the faculty will be established.
  • The PVC will be recognized by the academy as a means to empower and advocate for a faculty in striving for excellence, especially in areas of strategic priority.
  • To reaffirm and strengthen the relationship between a faculty and the wider community, including alumni, Government of Alberta and donors.
  • An external review body that is composed of academic, community, and University of Alberta Board of Governors members.

For more information, please contact Dr. Susan Andrew, assistant dean of education, quality and accreditation.