MD with Special Training in Research

MD/STIR program overview:

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD) at the University of Alberta offers the MD/Special Training in Research (MD/STIR) program for Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) students. This program runs concurrently with the MD program. MD/STIR students engage in world-class biomedical research and develop research, presentation and communication skills. Undergraduate students that successfully complete their MD degree and all requirements of the MD/STIR program receive the academic honour of “Special Training in Research” on their degree parchment and transcript.

Program requirements:

  • Submit a program application by February 1, 2019 - click here
    • Student CV
    • Supervisor CV
      • Grants, publications, trainees
    • Research proposal
    • Research environment
  • Must obtain stipend support for summer research by applying to the AI-HS summer studentship or commitment from research supervisor is allowable
    • MD/STIR students that apply for AI-HS summer studentships and are unsuccessful are eligible for partial funding support from FoMD (dispersed based on rank—10 positions available)
    • No additional application required. FoMD will automatically contact the first 10 non AI-HS funded students
    • Dependent on partial support provided by the research supervisor
  • Complete a minimum of 24 weeks of research
    • Option A: ~16wk summer after yr1 + ~8wk summer after yr2
    • Option B: ~16wk summer after yr1 + ~4wk during academic yr2 + ~4wk summer after yr2
    • Option C: ~16wk summer after yr1 + ~4wk during academic yr2 + ~4wk during academic yr3
  • Present 2 oral research seminars of their research
    • Short talk at the beginning of program
    • Longer seminar at midpoint of program 
  • Present a poster at FoMD Summer Student Research Day (November 2019) 
    • Top 2 ranked UME students present research at conference in United States
  • Submit a final written report to Nicole Kosturic by 4:00 pm on Monday, September 30, 2019
    • Proof of having given an oral presentation during summer research (indicated on your Supervisor's evaluation letter)
    • Proof of having given a poster presentation in the FoMD Summer Students' Research Day (indicated on your Supervisor's evaluation letter)
    • A written report (final) in the form of a manuscript of the research project undertaken while in the Program (with abstract)
    • An evaluation from your Supervisor (form downloadable from documents box on top of this web page)
    • In addition to the information above, include a section that outlines your contributions to the research project (up to 1-page; double spaced) and if other people have contributed to the data or analysis, this must be clearly stated. Your Supervisor is welcome to attend your final oral and the 10-minute presentation will be timed. Allow 10-15 minutes for questions from the MD Research Committee.
  • Present a final oral seminar 
  • Orally defend to the MD Research Committee for evaluation

See PowerPoint presentation - click here for detail.

Research component details:

The research component requires 24 weeks of data collection/analysis that can be completed through flexible options. All MD/STIR students engage in ~16 weeks of full-time research in the summer after first year of medical school. The remaining ~8 weeks of research can be conducted part-time during academic years 2 or 3 and/or full-time in the summer after year 2 (See Options A-C below):


UME students in good academic standing are eligible to apply to the MD/STIR program. Students wishing to pursue the MD/STIR program submit an application to the Program Coordinator, Ms. Nicole Kosturic, Application deadline is February 1. If February 1 falls on a weekend, the applications are due the Monday following February 1. Late applications are not accepted.