Alumni Advisory Council

Meet the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Alumni Advisory Council: 

Alumni Advisory Council Chair:

Gerry Moysa , '74 MD, '70 BA

2-Year Appointments:

Jason Acker, '09 MBA, '00 PhD, '97 MSc, '95 BSc

Shairaz Baksh '95 PhD, '90 BSc

John Chiu, '78MD, '76 BMedSc

Benjamin Eastwood, '79 DDS, '77BSc

Louanne Keenan, '02 PhD, '95 MEd, '81 BA, '75 Dipl(DenH)

Loren Kline, '73 PhD

Ronald Moore, '91 PhD, '86 MD, '80 BSc

Christian Rueda-Clausen, '11 PhD

Richard Schulz, '89 PhD, '82 BSc

Trevor Theman, '74 MD, '72 BMedSc

3-Year Appointments:

Rob Agostinis '88 MD, '86 BMedSc

Dennis Djogovic , '99 MD, '98 BMS

Larry Jewell, '68 MD, '63 BA

Deanna Manna, '12 BScMLS

Fred MacDonald, '61 MD

Ed Papp, '71MD, '71 BMedSc

Lori Querengesser, '00 MBA, '86 BScMLS

Joel Rivero, '00 BScMLS

Jack Scott, '74 DDS, '66 BA

Lorne Tyrrell, '68 MD, '64 BSc

Beverly Wilson, '85 MD, '83 BMedSc

Student Advisory Council Members:

Ali Ebrahim, '16 BSc, DDS Class of 2021

Andrej Roczkowsky, '16 BSc, Current PhD/Grad Student

Monty Sawalha, MD Class of 2020

Carly Vanderschaaf, '14 BSc, MLS Class of 2018

Staff Advisory Council Members:

Kim Taylor, Assistant Dean of Advancement              

Lana Walsh, Director, Stewardship & Alumni Relations          

Shyra Craig , Stewardship & Alumni Relations Coordinator                   



Faculty Vision: To build an exceptional, socially accountable Faculty through leadership in education, research and patient care, and to be recognized for graduating highly skilled doctors researchers and health care professionals for Canada.

Faculty Mission: The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry serves the public good through excellence in medical and health professions’ education, research and patient care. We build partnerships essential to a high-performing academic health sciences centre. 


Council Vision: The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Alumni Advisory Council is an engaged and well-informed community, positively influencing the success of the faculty’s alumni relations by providing advice on strategies to engage alumni and instill pride in our institution.

Council Mission: The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Alumni Advisory Council serves the public good by building and maintaining alumni commitment, which is essential to a high-performing academic health science centre.


The AAC is advisory and participatory with two primary roles:

  •  First, it offers strategic and confidential advice to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) Stewardship & Alumni Relations office on relations, interactions, opinions, and expectations of the  Alumni of the FoMD.
  • Second, it advocates and participates on behalf of the Faculty for support of the FoMD’s alumni initiatives.

By definition, AAC offers advice and opinion for consideration and deliberation. The AAC has no governance function. 



  • Delivers feedback on the effectiveness, relevance and impact of existing initiatives and activities, as well as advice concerning new initiatives and activities being considered by the FoMD and the FoMD Stewardship & Alumni Relations office;
  • Provides advice and counsel to the FoMD and the FoMD Stewardship & Alumni Relations office on relevant matters affecting the FoMD’s relationships with alumni, in order to assist in achieving its objectives in outreach;
  • Informs the FoMD and the FoMD Stewardship & Alumni Relations office of the changing needs of alumni in order to improve the FoMD’s impact and relevance.


  • Participates in building the brand, image and reputation of the FoMD by providing strategic programming recommendations to enhance the emotional connection of our alumni and to encourage active engagement with the FoMD;
  • Communicates with personal alumni network to promote alumni relations programs and services to help foster long-term connection to the FoMD;
  • Encourages a culture of philanthropy among FoMD alumni.


Membership shall consist of individuals from a cross-section of groups reflecting the diversity of the faculty. 

The Council will include the following ex-officio members:

  • The FoMD Dean, or representative
  • The FoMD Assistant Dean, Advancement, or representative
  • The FoMD Director, Stewardship & Alumni Relations

    Members will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Personal Attributes: every director must adhere to the highest ethical standards and have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Diversity: The membership should reflect diversity of skills, experience and perspective.
  • Specific Skills and Experience: In considering the attributes of candidates, we will have first considered the existing composition of the Council and will have identified the number of vacancies in order to fill in the gaps in skills and attributes that should be filled in any given year. 
  • The overall composition of the Council should reflect the following competencies:
    o Previous experience in volunteering on committees or with non-profit organizations
    o Strategic planning experience
    o Community-mindedness demonstrated through volunteer experience
    o Supports the purpose and strategic initiatives of the Council and the FoMD
    o Understand the principles behind and share the vision of the FoMD Alumni and have the ability to reflect the values and commitments and to act in the best interest of the FoMD Alumni at all times
    o Able to participate assertively in the deliberations of the Council
    o Able to devote the time and effort necessary for the work of the Council

The Dean will appoint members to the Council. To initiate the first Council, half the members will be appointed to a two-year term and half to a three-year term. Thereafter, members will be appointed for two-year terms. Members may be re-appointed. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

The Dean of the FoMD appoints the council chair. The chair serves for a two-year term. The duties of the chairperson include chairing council meetings and working with the Director, Stewardship & Alumni Relations in formulating the agenda.

Individual Member Duties:

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Become knowledgeable about the FoMD and the alumni
  • Come to meetings prepared and informed about agenda issues
  • Contribute to meetings by expressing a point of view
  • Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions and help make decisions that benefit the FoMD Alumni
  • Represent the FoMD Alumni to individuals, the public and other organizations in a positive and professional manner
  • Support the FoMD Alumni through attendance at special events and activities
  • Maintain confidentiality of discussions

Ad hoc committees may be established and include people from outside the council membership, as required.