Informatics Communications

New!  Information Manager Agreement


The University of Alberta (U of A), in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD), has developed an Information Management Agreement (IMA) as required by the Health Information Act and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA). 


This IMA applies to physicians who have:

  • patient identifiable health information stored in a U of A facility, and/or
  • administrative assistant(s) who handle such information and are U of A employees, and/or
  • health information stored or managed by MedIT or U of A Information Services and Technology


As applicable, physicians will be required to sign the IMA.  A copy of the signed agreement will be provided to the physician and the original will be kept on file by each physician’s respective Department.  A digital copy will also be kept in FARM.


Privacy and Security policies that physician custodians and their staff should be aware of and comply with, include:

Privacy and security training that must be taken include:


IMPORTANT:  Information management services provided by FoMD may have associated costs that would be incurred by the individual or group requesting such services.  Some examples are listed below:


  • Virtual Computer Services/Virtual Desktop:  annual license fee
  • hosted server:  annual cost per year
  • storage:  each Faculty member has 10 GB allotted to them at no cost with cost associated with additional storage
  • thin client endpoint physical device:  can be purchased or rented from MedIT
  • other such as hardware, software:  contact MedIT for costs
  • advice from FoMD Privacy Advisor will be assessed on a case by case basis


For more information, including detailed information regarding costs associated with information technology services, please contact MedIT (