The Division of Community Engagement

Residents' Electives (PGME)


There are opportunities for international electives for residents. These electives are designed to enhance residents’ knowledge in global health, cross-cultural training, tropical and all other medicine and public health.  A unique opportunity has been developed to encourage a full range of experiences in the Global Health Program’s Field Station Program, currently in about ten countries with new countries being added each year.

To peruse the Global Health field station clinical placement options go here.  Residents may choose a destination of their own using personal or professional considerations. This decision will be influenced by what each resident would like to experience and learn. Their family and cultural roots, special interests, professional contacts, or faculty connections may be factors they wish to consider.

As with undergrad medical students, residents are encouraged to book electives that are a minimum of 4 weeks in duration.

Applications from residents that have already obtained permission from their program director and from the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) will be considered at any time of the year.

A handy guide to assist learners  in determining an elective that best suits their interests is the Researching Your Elective Destination Worksheet which can be found here.    This worksheet can help residents explore basic information about the people, places and things they may visit on their international elective.

Once residents have determined when they would like to undertake their elective and where, they must seek the approval of their program director and the PGME office as the first step in organizing the elective. This must be done at least 6 months prior to the elective dates. Download the PGME Application Form and the GH checklist here and the Release of Liability Form here. Additional information for completing the Checklist can be found here.  Complete and return the Application and Checklist as instructed on the forms.  Return the Release of Liability form to one month prior to departure. 

Residents will need to be in touch with the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) for advice on malpractice insurance for the duration of their electives.

Note:  due to limited funds, the Global Health bursary is only available to undergrad medical students.