2015 Students Cont'd

Tigist Dangia

Tigist is a midwifery instructor at Nekemte Health Science College in Nekemte, Oromia region. She has eight years of clinical experience and more than two years as a teacher.

"One of the main reasons I joined the field of midwifery is the way Gonder University gave information about health professions when I joined higher education. The other reason is that I wished to support pregnant and labouring mothers, to share their pain during labour. I find the idea of mothers dying during pregnancy and child delivery very disturbing. No mother should die and lose their baby during childbirth."

Yirga Wondu

Yirga is a lecturer at Arsi University in Asella, Oromia region. He has four years of clinical experience and seven as a teacher.

"Actually I engaged in the midwifery profession by chance rather than by choice. However, nowadays I am delighted and proud of being a midwife. This is because I understand what the profession involves. Above all I am happy with the current improvement in maternal and infant health in my country, and the contribution I am making to that progress."

Zerfework Debebe

Zerfework teaches at Hosanna College of Health Science in Hosanna, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples region. She has three years of clinical experience and four years of teaching.

"I chose the field of midwifery because I love my mother and I want to help all mothers during child delivery. In our country in many places females are undermined. Considering this, I try to give advice, counselling, encouragement and also education about pregnancy and childbirth. I love my profession really."

Geremew Kindie

Geremew is an instructor at Debre Berhan Health Science College in Debre Berhan, Amhara region. He has two years of clinical and teaching experience.

"I chose to be a midwife because I wanted to contribute to some extent to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in Ethiopia.

"I always enjoyed helping mothers and children so I found midwifery to be the perfect field. It's a blessing of my life."

Kasiye Shiferaw

Kasiye is a lecturer at Haramaya University, near Dire Dawa. He has seven years' experience.

"I didn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the midwifery department list posted at the university. My first choice was Medical Laboratory Science. I was a little bit disappointed due to what happened. As time passed, I liked my new department. Today, my perception is completely changed. I am contributing my part to a bright future for Ethiopian mothers."

Kibret Ameha

Kibret is a lecturer at Dessie Health Science College in Dessie, Amhara region. He has eight months' experience in clinical practice and 10 months in teaching.

"I preferred midwifery because I have a great desire to take part in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in my country. Above all, our mothers are prone to being social and cultural victims. Working with other health professionals, I want to help avert this situation."

Leyla Abrar

Leyla is a midwifery instructor at Semera Health College in Semera, Afar region. She has 18 months of teaching experience and two years of clinical practice to her credit.

"Since I didn’t have any information about midwifery at first, I wasn't that interested in the profession. Now, because it enables me to help others, I am happy to be a midwife, and more happy to be an instructor."

Medhanit Worku

Medhanit teaches at Mizan Aman Health Science College in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples region. She has two years of teaching experience.

"I love my mother; for me to be a midwife makes both of us happy. Since I was her first child, I think I feel her better than my sisters and brothers. In doing everything, even minor daily activities, I am thinking of my mom."

Meresa Berwo

Meresa is an assistant lecturer at Adigrat University in Tigray region. He has been teaching for the last 18 months.

"Since I was little my ambition was to become a health practitioner, and particularly one involved with maternal health, because I personally do believe that mothers are the primary backbone of their families. I am keenly interested to make pregnancy safe, to help mothers during their labour and to improve the health of both mother and child after the birth."

Mohammed Akber

Mohammed is a midwife instructor at Semera Health Science College in Semera, Afar region. He has more than six years of teaching experience.

"I love my mother and sisters; when I joined the university I didn't hesitate to select the midwifery department. When I saw our rural mothers - they were dying because of labour-related problems - I was very angry. That helped me make my choice of profession."

Ribka Dinku

Ribka Dinku is a lecturer, and the lead on gender issues on the educational and development committee at Hawassa College of Health Science in Hawassa, in the SNNPR region. She has seven years of teaching experience.

"Helping women who are pregnant is better than anything. Labour for a woman is very difficult; I find it rewarding to help them through it. My second reason for choosing midwifery was that it was my mother's wish, and the third was the orientation about the profession given by the midwifery department at Gonder University."

Serkalem Fetene

Serkalem is an instructor at Metu Health Science College in Metu, Oromia region. She has eight years of clinical experience, and has now been teaching for two years.

"At first I joined midwifery by chance and studied at the diploma level. After that, I engaged in clinical work. I liked the profession so I continued to pursue my midwifery education in a degree program. Now I am very happy to be a midwife because the profession enables me to save lives of mothers."

Sewagegn Zewdie

Sewagegn is a midwifery teacher at Bahir Dar Health Science College in Bahir Dar, Amhara region. He has a year of clinical experience and two years of teaching to his credit.

"Here in Ethiopia midwifery is still not well organized and some health facilities do not have enough midwives. That was my first reason for choosing the profession. Secondly, too many Ethiopian women lose their lives related to pregnancy. Thirdly, I want to be a good teacher to help satisfy the growing demand in mother-and-child health services. And finally, I respect and follow the Ethiopian Ministry of Health's drive to reduce maternal and child mortality."

Tamir Birhanu

Tamir is a senior midwife in clinical practice at St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa.

"I became a midwife because from the beginning I wanted to help everybody, and especially mothers and children, because these groups are vulnerable to problems and complications in the health sector. In addition to this, I found that becoming a midwife was very refreshing for my mind."

Tariku Adamu

Tariku is an instructor at Pawe Health Science College in Pawe, Benishangul-Gumuz region. He now has one year's teaching experience.

"It was my dream to be a midwife from the time I was a lower-grade student. I wanted to help mothers because they die of pregnancy and other causes. My interest in the field of midwifery, and how that enabled me to acquire good knowledge in the field of health, now helps me transfer that necessary knowledge and skill to my students. I am proud to be a midwife."