2014 Students

Yared Deyas

Being a midwife gives life-long satisfaction! Become one and reduce maternal and child mortality.

Mizan Tepi University


Zekarias Mulineh

My deepest gratitude to this project for making me the best teacher I could ever be.

Debre Berhan Health Science College, Amhara


The first 17 graduates of our project's Senior Midwife Tutor Training Program received their diplomas on May 29, 2014 in Addis Ababa at St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College. They came from around the country, and are now back on the job passing on their new skills to colleagues and students. Below, we introduce them, with the thoughts or quotations they chose as signatures to their experience on our course. In addition to their normal duties, they are all now working on micro-research projects as part of their continuing education and our project's ongoing efforts to improve childbirth outcomes in their country.

 Almaz Dechassa

"The sun never sets twice
while a woman is in labour."

Fiche Hospital, Oromia


Berhe Woldu

Thank you to the government of Canada for this project to reduce deaths of mothers and babies.

Aksum Health Science College, Tigray


Debebe Tesfaye

All midwives must have “a lion’s heart, an eagle’s eye and a lady’s hand.”

Debre Berhan University, Amhara


Dejene Edosa

As a midwife, I help in achieving Millennium Development Goals on maternal and child mortality.

Metu University, Oromia


Dereje Mengistie

Why be a midwife? Think of the happiness of saving a mother or a child only moments from death.

St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa

Etagegn Gemechu

My dream is that mothers and children will some day have the same care as in developed countries.

St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College


Etenesh Yosef

For me this program is a bridge. Before, I didn’t have the skill or confidence to teach others.

Fiche Hospital, Oromia

Eyosyas Ambaye

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Adigrat Health Science College, Tigray


Gebyaw Lulie

This SMTTP training has been an incredible time in my life. It helps me to be an excellent lecturer.

Wolayta Sodo University


Genet Fikadu

Today, the world needs midwives more than ever.

Meda Wolabo University, Oromia

Hayat Sualih

Why should women lose their lives while they give life?

Semera University, Afar


Minalu Bezie

Training gives me the opportunity to improve myself and help others with their health.

Debretabor HSC, Amhara


Sani Yenuss

This has been the most unforgettable training I’ve received in all my life.

Pawi Health Science College, Benshangul


Shiferaw Abeway

Our prime purpose in this world is to help mother and child — and if you can’t, to at least not hurt them.

Wollo University, Amhara


Weyitu Daniel

I am proud of being a midwife! Oh, how fantastic it is to help babies breathe!

Ethiopia Midwives Association,  Addis Ababa