The Division of Community Engagement

IFMSA, Non-Field Station, non-UAlberta European Electives, non-CACMS, non-LCME, student-arranged electives


Global Health Office Registration Procedures

All students participating in non-field station electives, IFMSA electives, non-UAlberta European electives (i.e. not from the UAlberta Electives Catalogues), any electives taken through a non-CACMS or non-LCME accredited institution, or electives students are arranging on their own must work with the Global Health Office to ensure they are adequately prepared for their elective in accordance with the U of A’s electives and travel policies and the policies of the FoMD. According to the Global Health Electives in Low & Middle Income Countries Policy, students taking their elective in a Low or Middle Income Country are required to take the 12 Hour Global Health elective. To learn which countries are defined as LMIC go to the World Bank website.

The following forms are required:

These 5 forms are to be submitted to

Note:  the Global Health Office follows Electives Cancellation Policy, section 5 of the MD Program Electives Policy.

If additional funds are available, students attending non-field station electives in Low or Middle Income Countries (LMIC) may be eligible for the Global Health bursary.  In order to qualify for the bursary however, the student must take the 12 Hour Global Health elective
(available in the Spring) and their elective must be at least 4 weeks in duration.  There is no need to apply – students are automatically enrolled if they qualify.  For more information about the bursary, go here.

How to Register Your Elective with UME:

For external electives associated with a Canadian university -- IFMSA, non-CACMS, non-LCME, non-field station -- students request the elective through the AFMC Portal.  The student forwards to the UME office ( the official confirmation from the AFMC Portal.  The UME office will then add the elective to MedSIS. 

If the elective is not associated with a specific Canadian university, the student must request approval of the elective.   To do this, the student is required to send to the UME office ( a brief description of the elective and the location of the elective.

First Year Medical Students:   In order to be covered for malpractice and liability with the university and receive credit for the elective, students must officially register in MED 518.  This process is extremely important as it protects students.  Register for Spring and Summer Electives through Beartracks (MED 518A/B) by Apr 30. Students must register in the two sections (A and B). Registration for this course becomes available in February and closes in May and the fees will be announced at that time. 

Second Year Medical Students and Up:  Any students who will be at the end of their second academic year by the summer or those in years 3 or 4 may must enroll in MED 528 Optional Summer Clinical Elective, MED 457 or MED 557 in order to be covered for malpractice and liability insurance, whether they use the elective as clinical elective time or not.  This process is extremely important as it protects the students and their preceptors. Students who do not wish to count their elective as clinical elective time must still register in MED 528 to be covered for malpractice and liability insurance.  For more information about registering the elective with the UME office go to the green button on the right side of this page titled UME 2nd Yr & Up.