Rich Man Poor Man Fundraiser

Every year, the Global Health Program teams up with its partners at the School of Public Health and the Students Investing in Health Association (SIHA) to deliver the Rich Man, Poor Man fundraiser, the only fund raising event of the Office. Proceeds go directly to the various global health student education programs and program development at the University of Alberta.

Each year, attendees enjoy a meal, live cultural entertainment, a silent auction and a speech from the chosen keynote speaker. Previous years have enjoyed the talents of Shumka dancers and musician Youssou Seck. Distinguished speakers, like Bob Wollard and Chief Wilton Littlechild, have delivered past keynote speeches. Auction items range from student artwork to sport event tickets and all proceeds go to SIHA.

To keep the theme of global disparity, one person at each table will treated to the “Rich Man” dinner: a generous serving of meat and several side dishes. The other guests will receive the “Poor Man” dinner: a modest portion of a vegetarian meal, much like the typical meals eaten by 90% of the world population.

Guests are seated eight per table and the “Rich Man” is selected at random. The “Rich Men” at the 2011 event were treated prawn salad, lobster-stuffed beef tenderloin and roasted asparagus with pomme puree. The others guests enjoyed curry and rice dishes. All enjoyed perogies!

Contact Cheryl Knowles at 780-492-8928, email  So please be prepared for this year's event which will be March 9, 2019.  The Rich Man Poor Man Form is now downloadable.  Rich Man Poor Man Order