Training Programs

Global health electives operate in different clinical, cultural and political climates than our own. The Global Health Program feels pre-departure training improves the overall quality and safety of the elective. By preparing students for emergencies and personal safety and how best to approach learning in a different culture, we protect them and their patients.

To appropriately, prepare students FoMD Global Health Program offers two preparation courses: a) 6-hour pre-departure training; b) and the 12-hour Global Health elective. Pre-departure training is mandatory for those applying for an overseas elective and the 12-hour elective is mandatory for bursary support unless you have taken it once during the 4 years you had been here.  Both are highly engaging and interesting, and continually change in response to student/resident need.

A) 12-Hour Global Health Elective

All students are encouraged to take the 12-hour Global Health elective course. It is strongly recommended for anyone planning to learn and work overseas.


B) Pre-Departure Training

Pre-departure training is mandatory for students doing an approved UME or other Global Health elective in a resource-limited setting and for any student going overseas for any type of elective.

There are two opportunities to complete the pre-departure training:

  • Saturday, TBA (Fall of 2016)
  • Saturday, TBA (Spring of 2017)

Topics covered will include:

  1. Practical Tips -- Information about passports, visas, what to pack, etc.
  2. Health and Safety -- Information about required vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis, travel health and safety.
  3. Clinical Safety and Responsibility in Resource Limited Settings -- Information about personal and client safety, skill limitations
  4. Language and Culture -- A session to explore language and cultural competencies
  5. Elective and Medical Ethics in Resource Limited Settings -- A discussion and case-based session where students explore different medico-ethical scenarios in small groups, guided by a preceptor.


Formal registration is requested to attend the training sessions. To allow for planning Cheryl Knowles (