To address some of the global health challenges that new physicians may face, the Global Health Program has created an electives program for students to complement their Alberta learning and help them understand global citizenship and become a global citizen. Elements of this program include the Field Station Program, assistance with logistics in identifying and applying for an elective, risk management training and financial assistance.

Setting up a Global Health Elective

  1. Attend the "Planning for a Global Health Elective" presentation given to the first and second year medical classes:

    • Date:  Next year!
    • Location: TBD
    • Questions: Check with Cheryl Knowles (780-492-8928) or email at
  2. Contact the Global Health Program early and think about a global destination for your elective. This decision will be influenced by what each student would like to experience and learn in particular. Their family and cultural roots, special interests, professional contacts, or faculty connections may be factors. There are different ways to choose a site:

    • GH Electives can be arranged:
      • With the Field Station Program; please note the Field Station vs non-FS Placement
      • With an independent student elective organization;
      • By yourself; choose your own destination through personal or professional considerations
      • Think about what you’d like to accomplish, complete the application form and then consult with Dr. Konkin.  Dr. Konkin must approve all applications
      • Contact Cheryl Knowles ( or other students for information about past Global Health Electives
  3. Contact your class or resident Global Health Representative (in the Medical Student Association) or Cheryl Knowles ( to arrange to attend Pre-departure Training and the 12-hour Global Health elective.

  4. Download and complete the following forms:
  5. Once students receive confirmation of acceptance from the Global Health Program and/or the institution or preceptor, they should schedule an appointment with Cheryl Knowles (  Please bring the completed forms, listed above, to the appointment for discussion and signature. These are returned to UME as a confirmation of approval.

    Note: some institutions require a letter of support and good standing before they will accept an elective student.  The Global Health Program can arrange this. The letter of good standing does not mean students have received final approval for an elective, but allows them to move toward their confirmation of acceptance.

  6. Students will create a set of goals and objectives for when they meet their global health preceptor. Preceptors evaluate students based on these goals:
    • It is recommended that the document is developed in Microsoft Word format. This will allow students to revise it after a discussion with their preceptor.
    • It should be formatted so preceptors can evaluate students directly on the document. Preceptors will submit the final document, with their signature, to the UME office.
  7. Upon completion of the elective, students are required to submit the preceptor evaluation to the UME office. They must also complete either the Global Health Elective Evaluation.  Credit for the elective will not be granted until all these requirements are met.  All students must also attend a debriefing session upon return and prepare a poster to present at the annual Global Health Fair held during International week.
  8. "Please see the Medical Students Association website for more information on UME's requirements for the international elective process.