Financial Assistance

To offset the additional cost of overseas electives, the Global Health Program has established a bursary program provided by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Bursary amount will depend upon funds available annually and the number of students applying; it is equally shared.  Students are eligible only once per academic year, but may receive an award in more than one year. All students are eligible. Unfortunately, at this time, we have no support for residents (only Anesthesiology).

Here are the requirements needed to be eligible for the FoMD Travel bursary:

  • The student must be a current undergraduate in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.
  • The student will take a clinical or non-clinical elective of at four weeks in duration.
  • The student is going to one of our Field Stations and apply by the deadline.
  • The elective in a low-medium resource-limited or culturally special setting outside of continental North America.
  • Consideration will only be given to students who have attended the 12-hour Global Health elective prior to an overseas elective (need only be taken once during medical school) and who have taken the Risk Management course.
  • An application, including a travel budget, on or before the deadline.
  • A report in the form of a poster upon completion of the elective at the Global Health Fair (January).

Bursary Application

  • Travel Bursary Application Form 2019
  • On the form above items 13 and 14 will need to be sent to Cheryl Knowles ( via a word document sending all approximate costs for the following:  1) flights, 2) accommodations, 3) food 4) program fees, and 5) travel clinic.  

This document should be sent electronically or by mail to Cheryl Knowles ( There is a trust/understanding that flights may not be booked by the deadline of travel bursary application this is OK as long as the itinerary is sent before departure.  Successful applicants will be personally notified.

Elective students will be invited and can offer to present their experience at Global Health Rounds. Guidelines for rounds presentations can be asked by Cheryl Knowles or please contact a student rep for this.