12 Hour Elective

The 12 hour global health elective encourages medical students and residents to get involved with global health care to become informed about important ethical, cultural and practical issues needed for preparation to undertake an overseas global health elective.  Such overseas electives are highly encouraged for all students and residents.  The educational opportunities are significant.  Attendance at this Elective makes the student eligible for a FoMD Bursary.

The course is open to all medical students and residents. It will help frame their expectations about international and global health and the risks of working abroad. Students will also have the opportunity to examine their career goals against the path of their education.

The 12 hour elective is used as a preparation tool for students participating in any overseas elective. Preceptors (faculty, students and residents) will encourage participants to think about many issues and how to prepare, mentally and physically. They will also learn culture humility and risk management, two of the most important tools they will need during their elective.

The elective also gives students a chance to engage with health care professionals in preparation for their journey.  If you wish to sign-up for this elective please fill out this form https://goo.gl/forms/BCls2LsBZLmgtDBV2.

12 Hour Global Health Elective

All students are encouraged to take the 12 hour global health elective course. It is required for those applying for FoMD bursary support through the Global Health Program.