Research Programs


iRSM has nearly 20 years of history as a leader in patient-oriented research, as well as application of innovative technological solutions to patient care. iRSM’s innovative research model is comprised of interdisciplinary teams across five faculties at the University of Alberta and extends to a number of international collaborations at leading institutions around the world. The goal of the iRSM research program is to improve clinical results through scientific and technological innovations by encouraging inquiry at all levels within the health research system.

Research at iRSM involves both basic science and applied research. Research in basic science has been conducted in areas such as regenerative medicine and engineering. Applied research investigations have included a wide range of studies in relation to head and neck reconstruction and rehabilitation. These investigations have furthered knowledge of surgical technique, therapeutic treatment, and behavioral and functional outcomes. In addition, several initiatives in advanced manufacturing and digital technologies have also been accomplished through research in areas of biomedical engineering.