Summer Camps

Green & Gold Sport Camps

Summer 2020 Registration will open February 2020

Thank you to all the coaches, participants and parents that participated with us in summer 2019.  We are working on plans for next to continue to make it a fun-filled and memorable developmental experience for all.  Green & Gold Sport Camps offer an ideal blend of sport-specific and general athletic development in the home of the Golden Bears and Pandas Varsity teams. The sport-specific component has been designed in conjunction with our University of Alberta head coaches and is consistent with the guidelines of each sport’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework. The 2020 Summer Sport Camp schedule and information will be released in late January and registration will open in February 2020.

Our camps have sport-specific components that were designed with guidance from the University of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas Head Coaches, while the delivery of the programming is carried out by alumni of the Golden Bears and Pandas as well as by current varsity athletes. Our sport camp programming and age groups are consistent with the guidelines of each sport’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework

In addition to the sport-specific training each participant will receive, camp participants will also take part in a number of familiar games which we have adapted to help our participants improve their fundamental movement skills. This will not only serve as a platform for future participation and competition in whichever sport they choose to play, but it will also improve the sport skills associated with the camp they’re presently enrolled in.

Green & Gold Sport Camps are committed to drawing upon the considerable resources of Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics as well as the knowledge and research of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation to ensure that we are creating the best possible environment for our participants to enjoy the process of improving their athletic skills.



Types of Green & Gold Sport Camps

In an effort to provide the appropriate experiences for camp participants we have our camp offerings organized into 3 categories; explore, engage, and excel. 

Designed to give participants an opportunity to experience possibly a new sport.  Explore camps require no previous experience.

Open to young athletes who have previous experience in their sport. These camps will feature more sport-specific instruction compared to our Explore (Beginner) camps.

Designed for athletes looking to learn in a high performance environment, develop advanced skills and tactics, and gain exposure to the coaches, athletes and training facilities at the University of Alberta.