Green & Gold Athlete Academy

Program Overview

The Green & Gold Athlete Academy features small, sport-specific training groups, which provide our student-athletes with 6 hours of technical and tactical learning each week. This learning is guided by a comprehensive curriculum developed by the Varsity Head Coach(es) in that sport. Our student-athletes also benefit from the same Performance Services that are available to our Golden Bears and Pandas varsity athletes, including sport conditioning, physical testing, sport nutrition, athlete health, and mental training.

In addition to supporting their ongoing athletic development, the Green & Gold Athlete Academy is also strongly committed to ensuring that our student-athletes succeed academically.  Our student-athletes benefit from a carefully designed academic program that incorporates both credit and support. As part of this program all Athlete Academy student-athletes automatically receive five credits for Physical Education each year. Over and above these Physical Education credits, our Athlete Academy is proud to deliver Career and Technology Studies (CTS) specific to the world of sport. More specifically, our student-athletes are exposed to a variety of career options, including as a sport coach, physical trainer, sport psychologist, physical education teacher, and sport medicine practitioner. This exposure provides each of our student-athletes with additional credits each year.