About Us

AIM Program

AIM is the Green & Gold Sport System’s approach to age-appropriate physical and mental training designed to improve our participants’ all-around athleticism and further their current sport-specific pursuits.

At younger ages, AIM features multi-sport experiences along with a variety of games and activities that focus on developing fundamental movement skills and physical fitness that will serve as the foundation for future participation in competitive sport. The introduction of life skills such as respect and teamwork are embedded throughout the curriculum to help prepare young athletes for the challenges they will face.


As our athletes progress towards more elite competition, AIM adapts to emphasize sport conditioning in a high performance training environment while continuing to improve movement skills. Performance related mental skills such as confidence and resilience will be highlighted to ensure our athletes are ready to perform in the heat of competition.

AIM is embedded throughout Green & Gold Sport System programming to ensure our athletes are prepared to explore, engage and excel in any sport they choose to pursue through the development of physical and mental training. All our camps and programs include an AIM component to make certain that our athletes receive a complete training experience designed to enhance their physical and mental skills based on their current stage of development.