Together We Can

Think Big. Think Bold. Think Beyond.

The University of Alberta is taking steps to secure its place in the top tier of the world’s public research universities. That’s not a self-serving goal but one that, in the words of our founding president in 1908, will further the “uplifting of the whole people.” 

We cannot get there without you. 

The work of building a great and enduring institution is an “everybody in” proposition. World-class teaching and research demand world-class funding. Your support is essential, as are your ideas and insights. 

As a public university, UAlberta benefits from the provincial government providing much-needed funding to cover the basics of a solid education. But philanthropy is critical for funding extraordinary achievements and innovation.

Together we can ensure that now is the University of Alberta’s time to lead.

Why UAlberta

Here's what you might not know about the University of Alberta as you consider supporting a dynamic learning environment and giving an international voice to innovation in our province:

We're among the leading universities in the world, and moving up.

With 39,000-plus students, we embrace teaching, research, and community involvement as the foundation of our mission. Our original Edmonton campus is complemented by an urban French-language campus — unique in Western Canada — and a residential, undergraduate liberal arts and sciences campus in rural Camrose. We lead Canada with 41 faculty members having received 3M National Teaching Fellowships, "embodying the highest ideals of teaching." 

Our challenge is to continue to attract the most promising and creative minds from every province and territory, and far beyond, ensuring that Alberta is a hub for ingenuity and excellence.

Our research is benefiting people in powerful ways.

Virology professor Michael Houghton led a team that discovered the hepatitis C virus and is now leading the development of a vaccine with the potential to combat the disease, which affects 200 million chronic carriers worldwide. Alberta researchers unlocked the potential of the oil sands, giving birth to a global industry, and are also studying long-term ways to safeguard the environment. 

Chemistry professor Jillian Buriak and her team are making advancements in technology that could revolutionize solar power by using paper-thin plastic solar cells as an inexpensive source of renewable energy worldwide.

There's no ivory tower syndrome at UAlberta.

We belong to the people, a pillar in Edmonton and the province, and our past and futures are indelibly linked. Our University is extending its reach from provincial to national, and now global. Alberta's spirit is our spirit: hard-working, entrepreneurial, risk-taking, creative, collaborative. 

And UAlberta is one of the largest drivers of the provincial economy, with an economic impact of $12.3 billion annually, more than any other research institution in Western Canada — and more than double the impact of Alberta's tourism industry.

Excellence by the Numbers

61 – National championships won by UAlberta men's and women's sports teams

91 + 121 – Canada Excellence Research Chairs (3) and Canada Research Chairs (88), awarded to UAlberta by the Government of Canada, and endowed chairs (104) and professorships (17), bestowed upon world-class faculty who serve as intellectual catalysts across our campuses

41 – 3M Teaching Fellowships, the most in Canada, for excellence in undergraduate teaching

67 – Rhodes Scholars since 1913, the third most among universities in Canada

$12.3 billion – Economic impact annually of UAlberta, more than any other research institution in the Canadian West

47 + 8 – Vanier Scholars (47) since the program's inception in 2009 and Trudeau Scholars (8) since 2004, two of Canada's most prestigious scholarships

More Facts about UAlberta