Computing Science

Accessing Linux Resources from Microsoft Windows

Using XMing

XMing is a free X-server for Microsoft Windows. Using the following directions on your Windows machine will allow you to run remote programs on a Linux based machine. It will then send the output to your Windows machine.

  1. Start the VPN connection if required.
  2. After installing XMing* from ( run XLaunch (to create the setup for your machine).
    1. Choose which windowing style you prefer.
    2. Choose "Start a program"
    3. Choose "using Putty" and check the "With Compression" option, fill in machine name as "machineName" and enter your CSID. *
    4. Next
    5. Next
    6. Choose Save Configuration and enter "machineName".xlaunch as filename.
    7. Finish
  3. It should then prompt you for your password and then open an xterm on your machine when you double-click this saved file.

* We recommend you install the FONTS package during your XMing installation process.

* Please note that "machinename" needs to be replaced with the machine you are trying to connect to and will have to be a machine you can usually SSH to.

You can now, for example, just type matlab at the command prompt to startup matlab. Make sure that after exiting the program you had open that you type exit at the xterm window to leave your machine connection.

You can start the X-session anytime by double-clicking on the saved "machineName".xlaunch file (after a VPN connection has been established - if you are outside of the department network). You may also create a shortcut to this file on your desktop.