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This is the current graduate course directory for 2019-2020 (subject to change). Click on the title of a course for a more detailed overview.

Course Registration FAQ

You can refer to the Graduate Program Manual for information about registration such as:

  • How to register using Bear Tracks
  • Making changes to registration
  • Maintaining registration in your program
  • Auditing a course
  • Withdrawing from the University

If you have further questions, please email the Grad Program Advisor for assistance. 

The Office of the Registrar sets the registration deadlines for each term.

You can continue to add, drop, and change classes in your schedule until the add/drop deadline in each term. After that deadline, if you drop or withdraw from a course, you will still need to pay some or all of the tuition fee for that course, and that course will appear on your transcript.

Full-time thesis-based students must be registered in ★9 credits per term in both the Fall and Winter (6.10 Full-time Registration Policy). 

You may need to register in thesis sections in combination with regular course registrations in order to achieve ★9 credits of course weight for registration status.

  • THES 903: equivalent to a ★3 credit course
  • THES 906: equivalent to a ★6 credit course
  • THES 909: equivalent to a ★9 credit course

Most course registration is first-come, first-served.

If there is a class you want to take but it is already full, you can place that class on your Watch List in Bear Tracks. When a space becomes available in that class, you will be notified by email or SMS (along with anyone else who has that class on their Watch List) and will have an opportunity to register on a first-come, first-served basis.

Priority for CMPUT courses is given to students in our program, so you may not be able to enroll on Bear Tracks. If you are interested in taking Computing Science courses and are not in our department:

  • Email (from your @ualberta account) the instructor who teaches the course, to request written permission.
    • Note: It is up to the instructor of the course to decide if you are eligible to enroll. Even if space is available, it does not guarantee your request will be approved.
  • Once permission is granted, forward the email of confirmation from the professor to and include:
    • Your full name
    • ID number
    • Course/class number you want to enroll in
  • Enrollment will be done manually by the Graduate Program Administrator.
    Once enrolled you will get an email indicating you have been enrolled and will be able to see this on Bear Tracks.


Graduate Courses 2019-20

Course Number



Term(s) / Course Website

CMPUT 500Foundations of Program Analysis ★3Karim AliFall
CMPUT 500Modelling and Performance Evaluation ★3Omid ArdakanianWinter
CMPUT 501Introduction to Natural Language Processing ★3Greg KondrakFall
CMPUT 501Graduate Numerical Methods I ★3Martin JagersandFall
CMPUT 530Computer Systems and Architecture ★3Nelson AmaralFall
CMPUT 563Probabilistic Graphical Models ★3Russ GreinerFall
CMPUT 566Introduction to Machine Learning ★3Martha White
Lili Mou
CMPUT 600Computational Linguistics ★3Greg KondrakWinter
CMPUT 603Teaching and Research Methods ★3Janelle HarmsFall
CMPUT 604Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists ★3Pierre BoulangerWinter
CMPUT 605Individual Study ★3N/AFall
CMPUT 606Algorithms in Bioinformatics ★3Guohui LinWinter
CMPUT 609Reinforcement Learning II ★3Rich SuttonWinter
CMPUT 6153D Computer Vision ★3Martin JagersandWinter
CMPUT 617Medical Image Analysis with Deep Learning ★3Nilanjan RayFall
CMPUT 620Answer Set Programming ★3Jia YouWinter
CMPUT 631Autonomous Robot Navigation ★3Hong ZhangFall
CMPUT 640Sensor Networks and Edge Computing ★3Ioanis NikolaidisWinter
CMPUT 651Deep Learning for NLP ★3Lili MouFall
CMPUT 651Machine-learning in Real-time Heuristic Search and Artificial Life ★3Vadim BulitkoWinter
CMPUT 652Reinforcement Learning with Robots ★3Rupam MahmoodFall
CMPUT 652Machine Learning for Procedural Content Generation in Games ★3Matthew GuzdialWinter
CMPUT 654Modelling Human Strategic Behavior ★3James WrightFall
CMPUT 655Machine Learning and the Brain ★3Alona FysheFall
CMPUT 656Bandit Algorithms ★3Csaba SzepesvariFall
CMPUT 657Heuristic Search ★3Michael BuroWinter
CMPUT 659XAI in Games ★3Levi LelisWinter
CMPUT 660Internet of Things ★3Eleni StrouliaWinter
CMPUT 663Software Analytics ★3Sarah NadiFall
CMPUT 664Secure Software Engineering ★3Karim AliWinter
CMPUT 670Combinatorial Game Theory ★3Ryan HaywardWinter
CMPUT 675Algorithms for Streaming and Big Data ★3Mohammad SalvatipourFall
CMPUT 696Information Extraction & Knowledge Graphs ★3Denilson BarbosaWinter
CMPUT 697Intro to Knowledge Discovery in Databases ★3Joerg SanderFall
CMPUT 701Capstone ★6Choose your ownFall